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This introduction to document management solutions represents more than 25 years of experience helping clients solve some of their most pressing business problems. It also represents our commitment to educating both organizations and individual users about the technology and the benefits of document management. Read more

Enterprise content management (ECM) — it’s a term that’s evolved with technology and the multi-faceted needs of organizations.

The driving force, however, has always been constant —to do business better. Whether you work in the healthcare industry or you ship fertilizer to banana plantations, chances are you’ve got content that needs managing. Read more

Assessing ROI for a digital document management system can be as simple as imagining a clean, paper-free desk. Try it right now. Nice, isn’t it? But it’ll take more than pleasant thoughts to convince your boss that converting to a new system is worth the time and effort. Below are five positive changes that can come from adopting digital document management, plus a handy guide to calculating the figures for your own organization. Read more





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